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Facebook Ad Billing FAQ

Q: Who is charged for the ad? 
A: All ads will run through the Cutler Real Estate Facebook Ad Account. It's easier for Julia to manage all ad's through ONE account. Cutler will initially be charged for the ad. However, at the end of the month, the agent will see on their monthly accounting statement both the Social Media Advertising Fee and the advertising charge.

Q: Why the Social Media Advertising Fee?
A: Within the Marketing Department there are design fees for print material, web/social headers, etc. for the services our talented designers provide to you as Cutler Real Estate Realtors. Think of the Facebook Ad strategy, creation, implementation, evaluation as a service provided to you. Some services come with costs, and in this case, we are asking that you pay the fee for a service being offered to you. 

Q: When will I be charged? 
A: Facebook charges us on the last day of each month. Marketing then alerts the Accounting Department of any agent ad spend on the first of the following month. The ad charge will show up on your account during that month, you will then be expected to pay by the next month. EXAMPLE: Run an ad in May, the charge appears in June invoice, pay by July. 

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  • 14-Jun-2017